Originally published on December 28, 2014

I love Korean food so much that I would be content to eat only Korean food for the rest of my life. And yet I don’t know how to cook a single Korean dish.

This year I’m going to remedy this mismatch. I plan to tackle a different Korean recipe each week in 2015. Since my goal is to learn how to make my favorite Korean dishes, I’ll be selecting the foods I most like to eat. That means a lot of soups/stews and cooked/pickled vegetables.

I’m not a recipe writer (regrettably) so I’ll be pulling recipes from other sources. If I make any changes to the recipes, I’ll mention them in my own blog posts. For example, I’ll be altering all the recipes to be gluten free. I may also tweak the recipes to be shorter/easier than they were originally written. And if a recipe calls for super-specialized cooking utensils/equipment, I’ll figure out a way to use a regular pot or pan instead.

Think of this as a quick and simple, but still authentic approach to making Korean food. It’s a personal project, but I thought it might be of interest to people who don’t know much about Korean cooking, so I decided to document it here on my website. Click here to see my Korean food recipes or click on the individual recipes listed below.