Offers online, self-paced lessons in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and is adding lessons in Python and Ruby. Participants in Codecademy’s Code Year initiative get lessons via e-mail every Monday throughout 2012. Codecademy also hosts meetup groups for students.

PRICE: $25 a month
Code School’s lessons, like Codecademy’s, are online and interactive, with users coding directly in their browsers. Unlike Codecademy, Code School gears its classes toward professional developers. The focus is on cutting-edge Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and Ruby.

PRICE: $25 a month for basic membership; $49 a month for gold membership, which includes access to more instructional videos
Treehouse divides its online lessons into broad subjects (such as Web design and mobile app development) rather than specific programming languages. Students take quizzes and earn virtual badges as rewards. The online library contains more than 700 training videos.

PRICE: $80 for four classes on a particular topic (HTML and CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, PHP and MySQL, Android and Java, etc.)
Founded by two women, and the only one of these schools whose classes are taught in person rather than online. Girl Develop It mostly attracts female students, but also welcomes men. Classes are held regularly in Austin; Columbus, Ohio; New York City; and Philadelphia, as well as Ottawa and Sydney.

NOTE: This is a sidebar that accompanied my June 2012 Inc. magazine story, “CEOs Learn To Speak In Code.” Information is current as of June 2012.